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About Us

 Fairlight Collective is an artistic culmination hoping to give energy to your home or artistic expression. Our aim is for our brand to reflect a good cup of coffee, fresh linen sheets, honey on toast, or pretty much anything that simultaneously gives you comfort & energy. We launched Fairlight Collective to empower our customers with personalized artistic expression in the comfort of their own homes. 

As artists, we realized that most of the art found in homes today is manufactured and lacklustre. We want to reinvigorate your space with digital creations that hold meaning for you and will be special to observe for years to come.We also found that sourcing quality art products and digital resources can be hard to come by. In this realization, we decided to curate a collection of these resources for you, dear customer, so that you may begin or continue your artistic journey

Our main priority is YOU, our customers. If you have any issues with your order or if you have a question about our products, feel free to contact our customer service by email at hannah@fairlightco.com






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